Ryer Martial Arts On KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh

Last Thursday, October 14th; KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh filmed our Intermediate Youth class for a story in conjunction with Kidsburgh on the physical and mental benefits of martial arts for children. It was an awesome experience! We began with a warm-up displaying the four physical, CTS skill sets in our curriculum; empty hand skills, stand-up grappling skills, ground skills, and eskrima skills. We then circled up for our daily mat chat and the students spoke about the importance of martial arts in their lives. Ms. Samya said, “Emotionally it helps by helping calm myself down in certain situations and how to react.” And Mr. Oliver added that he also learned, “…if someone is teasing you how not to get super upset about it.” The students shared so many great insights!

The finalized story then aired yesterday Thursday, October 21st on the KDKA evening news with Mrs. Kristine Sorensen. The Thursday Beginner Youth class was able to watch the story live in the dojo and it was neat to see all of the familiar faces on TV. We are so proud of everyone who participated and grateful for the opportunity to showcase the work we do at Ryer Martial Arts. If you happen to miss it, click here to read the full story or watch the story below.

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