16th Annual Pittsburgh Filipino Martial Arts Camp

We are one month away from Master Z’s return to Pittsburgh! With that, we wanted to inform you of the schedule for the 16th Annual Pittsburgh Filipino Martial Arts Camp.

If you’re unfamiliar with our camps; my master teacher, Zach Whitson (who we refer to as Master Z), travels to Pittsburgh from North Carolina to conduct a weekend of events. He will arrive Friday afternoon and we will conduct a CTS Rank Exam on Friday evening. On Saturday, Master Z will teach one seminar from 1 to 4pm covering Panantukan: Filipino Street Boxing. He will highlight the updates from 2020 as well as draw connections to levels two and three. Panantukan is the empty hand (punching, kicking, blocking) component of CTS. Finally, Master Z will teach a Wu Style Taiji (Tai Chi) seminar from 11am to 1pm covering the Short Form.

These seminars are open to everyone of all skill levels. Also note that considering this will be our first in-person seminar with Master Z since November 2019; we would love to show him our love and support with great attendance. If you would like to attend or have further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks for your consideration!

Josh Ryer

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